iOS Experiments

2017 to now


I have always been curious about the implementation of apps, so last year (2019) I began learning and creating iOS experiments after reading a book and watching some videos on iOS development.

Photo app

By building this app, I aimed to learn more about tableViews, passing data between viewcontrollers and doing some basic CRUD operations using Core Data.

Card memorization game

I created this app to learn more about the viewcontroller life cycle, collectionViews, animation and userdefaults to save the highest score.

Fake social media app

Piggybacking off the photo app I created earlier, I decided to challenge myself by creating more components programatically (Without artboards). During this experiment, I learned how dark-mode works, used Firebase for authentication and storage, and created lots of custom table and collection views.

Not done with it yet, but definitely one of the more challenging projects.